Optimizing Pallet Space for Transport and Storage

Pallet De-Nester is a new empty pallet stacks space optimization solution by Kinematik.
To save space during transportation or storage, the pallets are nested by placing them in pairs, with their bottoms facing each other.
The opposite task can also be performed. The system receives stacks of nested empty pallets and delivers stacks of ready to use pallets.
The installed system consists of the Pallet De-Nester and a subsystem of roller conveyors with lift, a pop-out chain conveyor.
The conveyor system feeds the Pallet De-Nester with stacks of mixed pallets, while the Pallet De-Nester places them denested on a table, where forklifts unload the pallet stacks.
Alternatively it could forward the unnested pallet stack directly to a pallet dispenser.