Pallet De-Nester

Reduce empty pallet space almost by half.
Save empty pallet storage or transport space and get the pallets ready for use again.

Minimize Empty Pallet Storage and Transport Footprint

The Pallet De-Nester can minimize the empty pallet volume to nearly half.
Footprint gain for storage or transport of Europallet 800 mm x 1200 mm is approximately 41%.

Nest pallets to Save Space for Storage and Transport

The Pallet De-Nester can nest pallets, placing them in pairs facing each other bottoms, reducing their storage or transport space.

Pallet De-Nester

Denest pallets to Get Them Ready for Use

The Pallet De-Nester can perform also the opposite task, denesting and stacking on the right-side up to get them ready for use by a pallet dispenser or to be picked up by a forklift.



Robust frame designed for minimum deflection.
Beams, thick plates sandblasted, anticorrosion painted and powder coated.
Thin plates galvanized and powder coated.


High quality linear bearings for lifting and travelling motions.


Top quality gearmotors with brakes, encoders, limit switches for lifting, travelling and rotating.

Technical Data

- Handling capacity 120-240 pallets/hour.
- Maximum height of pallet stack 1800mm.
- Area safety equipment including fences, light curtains, etc
- incremental or absolute encoders
- Inverter drive, offering smooth motion, protecting equipment
- PLC control

Working Conditions

Ambient temperature: -30°C - +45°C


- Automatic pallet stack infeed and outfeed through a conveyor
- Automatic pallet stacker/dispenser