About Us

What we do

Kinematik designs, develops and manufactures machines and complete lines for the fields of packaging, palletizing, intralogistics and process technology. Our facilities, consisting of offices, manufacturing and assembly areas, are located in Athens, Greece.

Our product portfolio

Kinematik’s product portfolio covers the following categories:

  • Packaging and palletizing technology
  • Intralogistics
  • Conveyor technology
  • Process technology

Industries that we serve

Kinematik is a technologically innovative company that offers customised solutions as well as products and services providing increased efficiency and sustainability. We are very proud of our products, which are developed continuously. Our reference list includes customers from almost every industry. The most common industries served are: Logistics, Chemical, Food and Retail Industries.


From idea to feasible solution and the detailed design of the solution and its operation


Precise and high quality manufacturing based on the design

Assembly - Testing

Assembly of the solution, commisioning and extensive testing

Delivery - Maintenance

Installation of the solution and initial operation. The solution is continuously adapted to current needs and maintained.