Palletizing System for Sugar Packages

Kinematik installed a palletizing system for sugar bag packages.
The production capability is 16 packages/min, while the whole procedure from receiving the packages, till the delivery of the ready-made strapped pallet is performed total automatically.

The system consists of:
1. The palletizer, which builds the layers of sugar packages crossed to increase the stability of the ready-made pallet during transportation. The tasks of receiving the sugar packages and creating the layer are performed simultaneously, increasing the production.
One of the most important benefits of this system is the high quality of the layers, due to the special pressing mechanisms that achieve constantly the exact same dimensions of the layers, which is really important in the case of using flexible packages.
2. Intelligent traffic control system from four different machines, which supplies the palletizer with packages
3. Automatic pallet feeder, for storing and feeding empty pallets to the palletizer
4. Pallet Roller Conveyors, as well as roller conveyor on a shuttle, that transports the loaded pallets towards the strapping machine and from there to the end of the packaging line, where they are picked by forklifts.