Pallet Lift Conveyor

Lifting and transporting vertically pallets from 500kg to 2500kg.


Robust frame made for heavy duty load transfer.
Beams, thick plates sandblasted, anticorrosion painted and powder coated.
Thin plates galvanized and powder coated.


Rollers gliding inside machined profiles.

Pallet Conveyor Line with Lift - Pallet Conveyor System

Pallet Lift Conveyor - Pallet Conveyor System


Either hydraulic or pneumatic or gearmotors by chain drive.

Technical Data

- Pneumatic lifting up to 500kg and 1200 mm height with safety equipment against air pressure loss
- Hydraulic lifting up to 2500kg and 3000 mm height with safety equipment against pressure loss
- Electomechanical lifting up to 2500kg and 3000 mm height (other heights upon request) with double chains, double brakes and limit switches.
Conveyor lengths: 1500, 2000, 2500 mm (other lengths upon request)
Minimum conveying height: standard 400mm
Lifting speeds: 0.1-0.4 m/sec

Working Conditions

Ambient temperature: -30°C - +45°C


- Stainless steel design, for hygenic environments
- Area safety equipment including fences, light curtains, etc
- Photocells
- incremental or absolute encoder
- Inverter drive, offering smooth motion, protecting equipment
- PLC control, for automating processes