New TraySorter

Kinematik's new TraySorter is one of the most effective and proven solutions for today's demanding needs for sorting small packages, apparel, flats, books, magazines and other items.
The items to be sorted are placed on disks, which open by leaving the objects accurately to the corresponding destination. The objects are identified by a double-chamber system with 1D and 2D barcodes. The system communicates with WMS or ERP.
With production capacities of over 10,000 units per hour and small dimensions, it is the ideal sorting solution in courier companies, retail and e-commerce companies.
The modular design allows for future scalability, and the fact that it is based on tried and tested industrial equipment raises its credibility and eliminates potential downtime.
Kinematik specializes in sorting, handling, weighing-weighing-recognition (DWS) solutions as well as integrated sorting hubs.