New Generation Compact Layer Palletizer

Kinematik introduces the new Compact Layer Palletizer (CLP) model, capable of palletizing 600-1000 units/h, providing increased flexibility and compact footprint.
The CLP can be adapted to a wide range of applications and palletize any product such as boxes, cases, totes, bags, sacks, bundles, etc. Pallet stability is guaranteed by layer interlocking, centering over the pallet and layer pressure applied from four sides.
Its very easy to use. All functions are controlled from a touch screen with simple and intuitive menu. Moreover, it can be programmed by the operator to build various layer patterns. Changing form one layer pattern to another is instant.
High quality manufacturing, use of standard and proven equipment maximize reliability.
Linear guide system are employed at the lifting, row pusher and stripping plate mechanisms.Every gearmotor is controlled by an inverter providing smooth motion and fast acceleration / deceleration.
Guarded by category 4 safe emergency buttons, safety fence doors and muting light curtains. The system itself belongs to category 3.
Designed for minimum maintenance with components that can be easily accessed and with reduced need for support, for example using life-time lubrication.