Pallet Conveyor Line, Aigis


AIGIS SA, part of GASCOGNE SACKS Division, is the major producer of paper sacks in Greece, producing small, medium and big size, multi-layer sacks, and recently oneply sacks.

The Pallet Conveyor Line

The Pallet Conveyor System by Kinematik connects the palletizing process and the strapping / stretch wrapping process. The Pallet Conveyor System solution offers unique stability during pallet handling, suitable for the process, as the sack stacks on pallets tend to be unstable during transfer.

The System

• 9 pallet roller conveyors
• 2 turntable pallet roller conveyors
• manual station for preperation of pallet strapping
• 2 exits/entries of pallets
• Communication with palletizers and strapping/stretch wrapping machines
• Safety Equipment
• Engineering, Automation and Integration

Pallet Conveyor System at AIGIS SA

Operation Description

The pallets exit the two palletizers on the same pallet conveyor line, through roller conveyor turntables. Pallets exit/entry in two defined positions through forklifts, as some products do not go straight to the strapping/stretch wrapping machines. Since pallets may also require a manual preperation before entering the strapping/stretch wrapping machines, there is a station where each pallet can be stopped to perform the necessary preperation. After exiting the strapping/stretch wrapping machines, the pallets can be picked up by forklifts.

Simple Use

The system is controlled by a PLC and is operated by a touch panel, while the operator at the manual station uses buttons for control. All the alarms and warnings are signalled, allowing instant troubleshooting. The system can understand when a pallet exits or enters the system, without the forklift’s operator contribution to any controls, protecting the personel and equipment. A traffic control function gives priority to the palletizers exit, avoiding bottleneck problems.


Smooth motion and gentle handling is achieved, by using frequency inverters to all the gearmotors and by employing encoders to position the turntable mechanisms.

Reliability and Minimum Maintenance

The system was designed especially to require the minimum maintenance. It consists of top quality materials and equipment. Based on the easy to assemble and troubleshoot philosophy, all the electrical connections are pluggable.